Murraguldrie veterans retreat South West NSW

Vietnam Veterans’ South West NSW and Wagga Inc

Murraguldrie Veterans Retreat


Les White – Retreat Manager: 02 69 226097 or 0428226097
Gordon Irvin – Visitor Coordinator: 0269712488 or 0428381292
Bob May – Visitor contact: 0269312634 or 0417490127
Website: Under construction

The retreat is located in the Murraguldrie State Forest area. The entry is sign posted and is 7 km east of the Hume Highway on the Wagga – Tumbarumba Road and is only 100meters off the main road.

There is a tree grove adjacent to the shelter shed which provides shade for campers as well as groups of scattered pine where caravans can park around. We have also just cleared and levelled a large area that would suite the larger rigs.

The shelter shed contains a kitchen area with tables, chairs and a bench and sink area.

The shelter shed and the toilet block both have lights; but to operate these you will need to plug a generator into the power socket which is located on the west side of the storage container (1KVA generator for lights).

The toilets and showers have a hot water ‘Donkey’ system operating on twigs and small pieces of wood which is readily available on site as it only takes about 15 minutes with a small fire to heat it up enough for showers.

Our water supply is from rain water tank so please use it sparingly.

We have provided fire rings for cooking and a wood heater in the shelter shed for the cooler months; some wood is available; again, please consider the vets that have to cut and transported the wood.

The retreat is available to veterans and their families and offers good bush camping with basic facilities for both caravans and tents. You can get TV reception and mobile service in most of the area.

We operate on “bring it in – take it out” policy so please clean up the kitchen area and take any rubbish with you as we do not have any garbage facilities.

We also ask for a donation; all of which goes to help to run this retreat; there is a donation box and envelopes on site for you convenience.

Please enjoy the peace and tranquility offered by our retreat and only leave you foot prints behind.

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    • Meg & Sam on January 27, 2022 at 11:03 am
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    A fantastic spot to stay. Dave and his team are very inviting and accommodating. Access to the retreat is easy and the amenities are plentiful and very well kept. Thank you for our stay.

    • Adam Marshall on October 14, 2021 at 11:09 pm
    • Reply

    Good Evening,

    I was wondering if the Retreat was available for up to 10 people on the 6 Nov 2021.
    I am with the Military Brotherhood Illararra Sub Branch and as Serving member with Navy at HMAS Albatross and with Serving and Ex-Serving Members within the Club, was hoping that we may be able utilise the area to promote esprit de corps . . . .

    I can be contacted at or leave a message during working hours on 04044453521

    I eagerly await your reply . . .

    Respectfully Yours

    POATA Adam Marshall


    • Jacqui O'Halloran on October 7, 2020 at 8:46 am
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    Dave, as the POC/Host during manned periods one might suggest that you have a duty of care to ensure that all new visitors to the retreat- site, read and understand/acknowledge your rules and regulations. If an induction is not provided then it is unreasonable to expect that new visitors are aware of all your regulations and rules. We did not see your signage and were not looking for such as we were not aware as we had not been informed. Had we been made aware, we would not have lit any fires and would probably have chosen to camp elsewhere. Please do not suggest that my husband refused to follow any requirements or was confrontational. He simply went to speak with you to get some clarity. Alternatively, it could be suggested that your approach and attitude was confrontational and unnecessary. Strangely, I do not remember any invitation to join your group at the fire pit. I did apologise and we did extinguish the fire because we did not know we were doing anything wrong !!! How is this then viewed by you as an ‘insistence’ to not follow any rules or requirements set down by the retreat ? Your response to my complaint clearly indicates that you refuse to assume any responsibility for your actions or lack there of.

    1. Dear Ms O’Halloran,

      I have read your initial comment and your secondary reply to Mr Abbott.

      I would suggest that if you have official complaints that they be referred to the Murraguldrie Veterans Retreat Committee in official correspondence, and not vented onto a Web page that is only displaying the retreat as a guide for Veterans and not involved in the running of the retreat.

      I regret that you did not enjoy your visit and the retreat committee welcome feedback in an appropriate manner.

      As for the rules etc, they are listed on the true and current page:

      Email feedback to:


      Richard Salcole
      Vice President

    • Jacqui O'Halloran on October 5, 2020 at 2:57 pm
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    A very disappointing first and last experience at this campsite. Clearly, your supposed host Dave has his own agenda and it doesn’t include welcoming new comers to the property that is graciously provided by the NSW State Forest. You don’t own it Dave!!! My husband is a current serving member and has been for the last 36 years, he is also might I mention Dave – a veteran. I thought this was a veterans retreat or does it just operate under the guise of one?! We were told by Dave that we were not welcome on the morning of day 3 because we had “breached” the rules by having a campfire ?! Mind you we were not told this when enjoying our campfire on night 1 or morning of day 2 cooking breakfast but strangely on night 2 after the fire was lit. We put it out. My children were crushed – isn’t a campfire the very essence of camping ?! My husband spoke with you and you then relented and said we could have a fire. What did we do exactly, I’m still confused ?! No fire ban in place Dave, I checked ?! Oh and did I mention we made a very generous contribution Dave that you happily accepted ?!

      • David Abbott on October 6, 2020 at 10:59 am
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      Hi Jacqui, the host Dave (myself) was only following the retreat regulations, as set down by the forestry department, the management of the retreat and the policies that are in place. There was and is signage in the shed above where your husband filled in the donation envelope, clearly stating no campfires other than in the provided fire pits. It has been pointed out that where your fire was lit was hidden from view by vehicles and other trees and as this was not seen, or you would have been informed of this immediately. When your husband then approached myself at the fire pit he basically informed him that it was my fault for not telling him about this rule. The nearly 20 people who were sitting around the fire pit had seen the sign, they were also taken aback by your husbands sheer refusal to follow a requirement as simple as that. He also went on about that there was evidence of a fire near yours, it was pointed out that what happens when the retreat is “unmanned” cannot be controlled, but when fires are seen they are informed of this rule. When your group was informed on night two, it was done politely and with respect, you yourself even apologised and said you would put it out, the invitation was extended to come up to the fire pit area. The only “agenda” I have is to keep the retreat running, abiding by the rules and regulations set down from above me. The reason I “relented” was simple, it was very obvious that there would be no point in trying to enforce this rule and that I was trying to avoid a confrontation in front of the other retreat users and their young children. I am truely sorry that you felt that you were treated badly because of your insistence on not following the rules and requirements of staying at the retreat.

    • H Davies on February 4, 2019 at 3:47 pm
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    Hi i was wondering if you can bring a dog providing its on a secured runner during the day (would be within the tent at night) and cleaned up it muck?

      • on February 8, 2019 at 7:37 am
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      You would have to contact the retreat directly.

    • Kevin on February 16, 2017 at 6:15 am
    • Reply

    Dear gentlemen,
    I am seeking to contact someone out of your contact list, who may have been involved with the retreat in 2013.
    Kind Regards
    Kevin Campbell

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