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Hello and welcome to the Vietnam Veterans Association Australia website for the Sunshine Coast sub-branch. We welcome all visitors. Our new website is designed to be interactive to encourage visitors to participate in our activities.

The website has many useful features for you to enjoy.

  1. The main menu contains drop down menus giving you access to various sections of the website. Just run your mouse over the main menu and then select one of the drop down menu prompts. If a drop down menu does not appear, simply click on the menu link.
  2. Home: Clicking on Home will take you to the opening page of the website. Under Home you will see Log in, Register, Before you register, Log out. Anyone can register to become a member of the website. If you are a paid up member of the Association anywhere in Australia you are welcome to register and then ask for an upgrade of your membership status so that you can upload stories to the website. Read the Before you register page for more information. When you Log in you will be given access to the back end of this website where you can select from a menu on the left to Add a post. Depending on the access you are given, other features will be available to you as well.  Log out naturally logs you out of the website. More information about features available to registered members is explained below.
  3. About us is self explanatory.
  4. Services provides information on the services our sub-branch provides to members.
  5. Vet retreats lists veterans retreats around Australia.
  6. Merchandise is sold to raise funds for our sub-branch to carry out our welfare and charitable activities.
  7. Calendar of events provides up-to-date on all upcoming social and other events. If you have an event you would like to announce please click on the link to go to our Contact us page.
  8. Ricochet, our monthly newsletter, can be viewed or even downloaded online. We provide the last 6 editions. If you would like to receive older back issues please contact us and we will be happy to mail or email them to you.

The right hand column

Look on the right hand column and you will see more features there.

Register for Newsletter: You can enter your Name and Email address in the box provided to receive our newsletter by email.

Recent stories: Underneath the newsletter registration is a list of up to 10 of the latest stories uploaded by our members. To upload a story you must register and then email the webmaster Mike Holt, or Mal Sayers to ask for an upgrade in your website status. This will give you access to the back end. To upload a story, click on Post and copy/paste your story. After you have done that save it as a DRAFT and email Mike or Mal to ask them to approve your story for publication.

Stories by category: Select stories to view by category. You can see the number of stories posted each month in each category.

Recent comments: We welcome comments on any story where there is a box provided at the bottom where you can have your say. We review all comments, and we will delete any comment that is insulting or that is not suitable for our website.

Archives by month: Select a month from the drop down menu to view all the stories posted on the website in that month.

Other features:

You will see Social Networking icons at the top and bottom of each page in the website so that you can easily link this site to your social networking programs like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also email the page link to your friends and associates (click on the envelope). We encourage you to spread the word about our website to as many people as possible. The more interactive our website is the bigger benefit for all our members.

Up arrow Some of our pages are quite long. We have made it easy to scroll to the top effortlessly. Click on the up arrow at the bottom right hand side of the page and Zoom to the top!


Registered website members: When you register to become a member of our website we will upgrade your membership to give you access to the WMS of the website. After you log in you will see a menu of tasks you can perform on the left.

To Post a new story, run your mouse over Post and select Add new from the drop down menu that pops out to the right. Enter a title for your story, and then copy/paste your story if you have already written it, or write your story directly into the large editing box below the Title.

You will see a row of icons above the editing box, like this. If you hover your mouse over them you will see a short description of what each icon does. The following is a more detailed explanation:

B (bold), I (italics), ABC allows you to Strikethrough text. The next 2 icons are to create a list (bulleted or numbered), and the ” creates a quote of any text you mark.

The next 3 icons allow you to format your text left, centre, or right of the page.

Add a link or break one with the next 2 icons.

The next icon inserts a ‘…….more’ into your page. We recommend you put one after the first paragraph or two so that only the text above will appear in the page if someone wants to view all the posts by month.

The tick with ABC above does a spell check (always a good idea after you have finished writing….but misspellings will also appear with a red underline, so you can easily spot spelling errors.

The next box toggles the page to full screen. Press ESC or click on the link at the top to return to the editing page. We suggest you click on Save Draft (top right of the editing page) first so that you don’t lose any data. Save your draft often to be safe.

The next icon displays a second line of icons. I’ll explain them in a moment.

The icon with 3 colored vertical boxes inserts a poll and the last box on the top right row of icons inserts a table. We recommend you ask the webmaster to do this for you.

The 2nd line allows you to select the type of Font you wish to use. Select from the drop down menu displaying Paragraph.

Underline text, align text and color text with the next 3 icons.

The next 2 icons with a T and a W allow you to past Text and MS Word text into the page.

The rubber removes formatting. Insert a custom character with the next icon.

Align your text of lists to the right of left.

Undo or Redo something you have type using the next 2 buttons. And the ? question mark displays help.

Right hand column: Under Publish, you can click on Save Draft and Preview. When you are happy with your story click on Publish. Before you do, we recommend you copy past the first 150 characters of your opening paragraph and past them into the box below the editing window marked Description. Then copy/past the first 60 characters into the Title field above, and then add a list of Keywords in the field below the Description. This will make your story page search engine friendly and make it easy for people to search for specific key words to find your story.

While we are talking about the features below the editing window, un-tick the Allow comments box if you don’t want anyone to comment on your story. Please leave Allow trackbacks and pingbacks ticked, as this helps us maintain links with other websites.

If you need any help to use this website, please contact webmaster Mike and I will be happy to help.

We hope you enjoy your visit. Please Bookmark the site by pressing the Ctrl-D buttons on your keyboard and saving the link to your browser Bookmarks (Favorites in Internet Explorer)

Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia

Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia


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