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We received this notice asking for help to identify the Next of Kin of Diggers killed during the Vietnam War. If anyone can help, please contact the following:


What did our troops fight for?

What did our troops fight for?


From: Phil Moscatt []
Sent: Friday, October 17, 2014 7:24 AM
Subject: Vietnam Veterans with no NOK


As you know I’m on the Vietnam Veterans Education Centre committee.
The Office of War Graves is still looking for next of kin for some of the men killed in Vietnam.

I have attached a list and perhaps some of your colleagues could peruse the list and maybe have their memory jolted.

I notice that one was a member of 1 Fld Sqn.
Meg Green







1 ALLEN Norman George 10.11.1967 2784699 PTE 7 RAR KIA
2 AYLETT Donald Raymond 6.8.1967 38110 T/CPL 7 RAR KIA
3 BAIN John 12.7.1970 16667 SGT AACC MVA
4 BIRSE Robert Graham 10.12.1967 215349 LT 4 FD REGT DOW
5 BOND John Albert 25.4.1969 21977 WO2 AATTV (RAAC) KIA
6 BUCHAN Robert 11.12.1969 55613 PTE 6 RAR KIA
7 CHECKLEY Thomas William 5.8.1966 311534 GNR RAA Accident
8 CONWAY Kevin George 6.7.1964 13097 WO2 AATTV (RAINF) KIA
9 COXON Ronald Edward 13.1.1966 38012 L/CPL 1 RAR KIA
10 DAVISON Walter Johnston 27.1.1968 311546 PTE 8 FD AMB KIA
11 DUFFY Kenneth Allan 8.3.1970 1735143 PTE 6 RAR KIA
12 EVANS Paul 8.10.1968 1732701 PTE 1 RAR KIA
13 FALLON Barry Edmond 10.11.1967 216906 PTE 7 RAR KIA
14 FEWQUANDIE Francis John 4.12.1967 1411181 PTE 2 RAR KIA
15 FITZGERALD Jack 17.4.1970 27974 WO2 AATTV (RAINF) KIA
16 FREEMAN John William 15.10.1967 2226078 T/CPL DET 1 DIV INT UNIT Accident
17 GOULD Eric George 21.12.1969 55890 PTE 8 RAR KIA
18 GREENE John Gerald 8.12.1969 2791447 SPR 1 FLD SQN KIA
19 GRILLS Edward Anthony 12.2.1966 215418 PTE 1 RAR Drowned
20 HARTNEY Gilbert John 27.1.1971 34854 WO2 RAEME Illness
21 HEWITT Ronald David 21.6.1972 A118817 LAC RAAF Illness
22 HILLIER Reginald Hedley 29.11.1965 42774 CPL 1 RAR KIA
23 HOBAN, BEM William Joseph 28.2.1970 15400 SGT 8 RAR KIA
24 HOOD Ronald Dean 16.6.1966 4410911 PTE 1 AUST RFT UNIT KIA
25 HUGHES Robert Edward 22/04/1970 44897 Private 7 RAR DOW
26 JACKSON Peter Joseph 15.6.1969 2789790 PTE 5 RAR KIA
27 JAMES Barry 5.6.1969 1201885 PTE 6 RAR KIA
28 KERR James Kelly 13.5.1969 218508 TPR 1 ARMD REGT KIA
29 KINGSTON Ian William 3.9.1969 1734754 PTE 6 RAR KIA
30 KNIGHT Peter Raymond 15.12.1970 A318937 LAC RAAF Accident
31 LEE Errol John 11.5.1969 235328 LT 5 RAR KIA
32 LOGAN Barry Arthur 28.3.1967 38324 SIG 552 SIG TP KIA
33 MANICOLA Joseph George 12.3.1969 3793137 PTE 1 AUST RFT UNIT Illness
34 MATHEWS Geoffrey Francis 9.2.1968 5714739 PTE 3 RAR DOW
35 MAZA Reginald Nelson 12.2.1970 15142 L/CPL 3 RAR Illness
36 MCINERNEY Neil Anthony 7.10.1968 217514 PTE 1 RAR DOW
37 MITCHELL David 23.7.1968 1201249 PTE 1 AUST RFT UNIT Accident
38 MORGAN John Leslie 1.6.1970 3795756 PTE 2 AOD MVA
39 MORRISON Dayle William 26.1.1968 1732186 PTE 2 RAR KIA
40 MURRAY Peter Eris 9/07/1968 2788524 PTE RA INF KIA
41 NEAL Dennis William 29.5.1970 1735386 PTE 2 RAR KIA
42 PESONEN Timo Eska A. 28.2.1970 7154 PTE 8 RAR KIA
43 RHODES Maxwell Lachlan 19.9.1971 2796378 PTE 4 RAR KIA
44 RICHARDSON Neil Thomas 27.8.1970 218697 L/CPL 7 RAR KIA
45 ROSS Grant Stuart 9.2.1971 17101 CAPT HQ AFV Accident
46 RUDDY James 30.5.1967 214360 T/SGT AFV DET 55 AESS Illness
47 SCHUIT Martinus Jacobus M. 22.10.1970 4720852 SPR 17 CONST SQN Injuries
48 STAHL Donald Matthew 29.10.1968 21934 (NX164568) CPL RAE Unknown
49 STEVENS John George 23.1.1970 313122 PTE 5 RAR Accident
50 TALBOT ALAN 1.2.1971 3797623 PTE 7 RAR KIA
51 TAYLOR Roy Albert 27.10.1972 36593 SSGT RAADC Illness
52 THOMAS William Malcolm 26.5.1968 4718911 PTE 3 RAR KIA
53 TULLY Desmond John 29.5.1970 2792375 PTE 2 RAR KIA
54 VAN VALEN Arie 29.6.1965 54320 PTE 1 RAR Injuries
55 WHITTON John Hunter 13.5.1968 311532 CPL 1 RAR KIA
56 WILSON Kevin Ronald 16.2.1968 3411951 PTE 2 RAR KIA
57 WOOLLEY Ivan Alfred 11.12.1969 A118435 LAC RAAF Injuries
58 WORLE Jeffrey Thomas 28.5.1968 3790789 PTE 3 RAR KIA


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    • Colin Mitchell on November 8, 2019 at 12:39 am
    • Reply

    Re: 37 MITCHELL David 23.7.1968 1201249 PTE 1 AUST RFT UNIT Accident

    He is survived at present by his brother John Mitchell who lives in the town of David Mitchells birth, Irvine, Ayrshire. John is my Father and I never met David although I have seen a couple of pictures and through research am aware of his service and death. I would love to find out more and as a veteran of the British Royal Navy myself, I have complete admiration for everyone who served in Vietnam and in your armed forces.

    Many thanks in advance

    Colin Mitchell

    • Ron Nash on September 2, 2019 at 6:54 pm
    • Reply

    RE: SCHUIT, Martinus – Service No 4720852. I remember Martys death well, because I was serving with 17 Construction Sqdn Plant Troop, at the time he was killed.
    Martys accident was stupidly simple, his troop was returning from R&R in Vung Tau in the back of a MK.V International flat top truck, and quite a number of the blokes were “boozed-up” – including Marty.
    He stood up at the rear of the truck, facing forward, and the truck lurched, and he fell straight out backwards onto the road, landing on his head.
    Marty was a huge bloke (tall and solid), and he was one of eight boys in the family of Johannes and Elizabeth Schuit.
    Here is a webpage regarding his grave.
    I can only find one White Pages listing for a Schuit in Australia, that may be a relative. That person is a J.J. Schuit, located at Howard Springs, N.T.
    It’s quite likely his parents are both deceased, but with seven brothers, some of them must be still alive.
    It is possible some of the family returned to Holland.
    Regards, Ron.

    • Mark on October 15, 2017 at 3:20 pm
    • Reply

    16 FREEMAN John William 15.10.1967 2226078 T/CPL DET 1 DIV INT UNIT Accident

    Hi, I was just doing a bit of research into John Freeman and found some details of his parents that might help to identify his NOK;

    Mother: Isabella Freeman (nee Welch) was born in South Shields UK on 10 August 1923.
    Father: John T Freeman, married Isabella on 28 August 1945.

    On 13 August 1946, Isabella and John William Freeman (aged 3 months old), boarded the Stirling Castle at Southampton, bound for Australia. I can’t find any evidence as to whether or not John’s father travelled separately to Australia.

    In 1939, Isabella lived at 6 Ada Street, South Shields, County Durham and this address was also the one recorded when she boarded the ship in 1946.

    I hope this helps.

    I’ll be doing a post about John on Facebook ‘Intelligence Corps – The Soldier Behind the Medals’.



    • Dayle Richardson on September 23, 2017 at 10:42 pm
    • Reply

    Neil Thomas Richardson was my uncle
    His only surviving next of kin is my Father, Malcolm Donald Richardson, currently residing in Bundaberg Queensland.

    • Dexter Burkill on August 17, 2016 at 10:14 pm
    • Reply

    Lt. Errol John Lee (known as John) was known to me from my first memories at Martindale Primary School NSW. His parents were Ashley (the schools only teacher) & wife Mary Lee. They remained life long friends of my parents with both being deceased now for many years. John had a younger brother Brian whom we have lost touch with and not seen since the funeral of their younger sister Rosemary around 1996. Brian I believe is the only direct surviving member of the family other than nephews & I think a niece or two. I do have some contact with Rosemary’s husband Howard Counsell & their children who are the bearers of many of John’s memorabilia. I or my mother can help with any other information you would like.

    • Ray McCann on July 10, 2015 at 3:42 pm
    • Reply

    I wish to notify a correction to the list namely Serial 48 D.M. Stahl: Rank should read WO1 and not CPL. Unit should read AATTV. Cause of death was Illness. This advice can be authenticated from the AWM Vietnam Nominal Roll and the RAE Corps History Vol IV page 815. Regards Ray (Smokey) McCann

    • MALCOLM MUDGE on July 2, 2015 at 2:06 pm
    • Reply

    Max Rhodes was an only son. no relatives exist. His parents owned the East Corrimal post office in NSW. Max only lasted for a short time before he was KIA by an American soldier on perimeter duty one night. Came home in a body bag.

    • Tom Vincent on February 22, 2015 at 11:40 am
    • Reply

    You have the name of Reginald Hedley Hillier on your site requesting details of his nok, the below site has details about this soldier, including the name of his father, Hedley Hillier, and his siblings Barbara, Margaret and Jim, and details of the monument erected in his honour in Darwin NT

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