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New Policies on Replacing Medals

Australian Active Service medal 45-75

Australian Active Service medal 45-75

Prior to 2003 lost, stolen or destroyed medals could only be replaced directly to the individual who earned them. ln 2003, this policy was extended, allowing replacement when deceased individuals’ service awards were lost in specified natural disasters. ln December 20th, the Hon Darren Chester MP Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence agreed to a revision of this policy, which now allows for the medals of deceased individuals to be replaced in the following circumstance:

  • Replacement medals will only be issued to the holder of the deceased individual’s medal/s. The medals cannot be replaced in the circumstances where an individual has died and the medals cannot be found.
  • The loss, damage or destruction of the medals occurs in circumstances beyond the control of the holder of the medals: for example as a result of a house fire or theft.
  • The loss, damage or destruction occurred after 1 December L974.

Defence can only replace medals it is authorised to issue. As such, it cannot replace honours or decorations that were issued under the lmperial or Australian honours system, such as meritorious and gallantry awards, or foreign awards. However, replicas of these awards may be purchased from a commercial medals dealer.

Medals replaced by Defence will be engraved with the initia! ‘D’ to denote ‘duplicate’ unless the damaged original medals are recovered and returned to Defence.

To apply for replacement medals, claimants may complete the online application form, which is available on the Defence Honours and Awards website at:
www. defence. als/content/a pplications.asp

Alternatively, the application form can be downloaded from the website to be completed and then returned to the:

Directorate of Honours and Awards
CP2-1, Department of Defence
PO Box 7952
Canberra BC ACT 2510

Claimants are to include with their application form a statutory declaration describing the circumstances of the loss or damage. Additional evidence such as police or insurance reports, and any evidence showing proof of the claimant’s relationship to the original recipient would also be useful in assessing eligibility.

Please Note that the revised replacement medals policy does not affect currently serving or former member of the Australian Defene Force who are still living. Defenee will replace the medals for living recipients except when they have been sold, gifted or otherwise supplied to another person.

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