Help for Homeless Veterans

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What did our troops fight for?

What did our troops fight for?

Help for Homeless Veterans…

Last Friday (25th September), I received a call from one of the staff at the Keith Payne unit of Greenslopes hospital, asking if we had any emergency accommodation in the near future for a veteran who had just been admitted.

After several phone calls, I discovered that there is an organisation, begun by a Vietnam Veteran, which is capable of helping veterans who are homeless.

It is aptly called “Veterans Off The Street”.

The organisation is funded by donations from the public and corporations.

It provides veterans with help in finding rental accommodation and assists with raising the necessary bond.

It is worth remembering this mob whenever you come across a homeless veteran.

More info and contact details are at:


Another group who may be able to help is located at Tweed Heads and is run by the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Its known as Fred’s Place.

What is Fred’s Place?

It is a new service located in Tweed Heads, which offers a home and support services for people who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness.

Fred’s Place is a fully renovated home with three bathrooms, a large laundry, internet and telephone, television, staffed kitchen, inside and outside areas to socialise, storage and mailing facilities and provision of a dedicated and equipped room for Centrelink, Medicare, Counselling, Legal Assistance and Housing NSW, which are all available on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Case management with outreach availability is also offered along with emergency accommodation. All services are at no cost. It is a modern facility with a lovely homely feeling.

Fred’s Place also manages Angela House which consist of two, two-bedroom villas and a four bedroom home; these are used for medium term accommodation at a nominal rent.

Who benefits from the service?

Singles and families whom find themselves in need or who are experiencing homelessness are welcome to access Fred’s Place.

Where is the service located?

Fred’s Place is located at 9 Boyd Street, Tweed Heads.
Phone: (07) 5536 1906.



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