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Lower House Petition.docx
Senate Petition.docx

The two attached petitions have been returned from the Petitions Committees and are ready for distribution. What we desperately need is for everyone to come on board and get as many signatures as possible, each petition is quite separate and we want our supporters to sign on both the Upper and Lower house forms.

If you are a member of a club take the petitions to your next meeting, if you are in a retirement Village then knock on every door. Here in Wodonga we will spend a few days sitting in shopping malls. Each page can take 20 signatures and part pages could be a problem when Herb and I take the Petitions to Parliament House. Try hard for as many signatures as you can get and surely 100000 is not beyond us, we need the petitions ready to submit as soon as the 45th Parliament is sworn in.

I must have the originals and I must therefore ask you to post your forms to:

Petitions, PO Box 5167,
Wodonga VIC 3690.

As the numbers come in I will distribute progress reports.

Remember it is not only DFRDB recipients or members it is your family, golf mates and any member of the general public and particularly those still serving as a win here will have a flow on to MSBS.

We are still investigating a High Court challenge and they will follow after the Petitions but if we go down that track we will have to seek some financial support and before we do that we will become an Incorporated Association.

Folks I have great confidence in the quality and accuracy of our data we are at the real starting point now is the time to show your colours.

Also attached is a brief report from our meeting with the Minister responsible for DFRDB

Regards and thanks in advance for your support.


PS If we could get everyone of the 55000+ DFRDB members/recipients we will have over 100000 signatures. LET US GIVE THIS ONE THE BEST SHOT YET!!!

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