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Monthly Update 2014


The upcoming Autumn and Winter sittings of the 44th Parliament are likely to be a closely watched affairs by many in the ex service community if only to be witness first hand the passage of the Bill that brings into effect that which the current Government has long pledged, namely to fairly index, as of 1 July 2014, DFRB/DFRDB superannuation pensions for those 55 and over in the same way as age and service pensions.

How long has the wait been for our elected leaders to acknowledge that the Consumer Price index had long ago lost its relevance as a mechanism to allow military pensions to keep pace with cost of living increases? Accepted wisdom suggests that it has been mored than 20 years. Was it a fight worth fighting to achieve justice and fairness for those who once served their country. The overwhelming conclusion has to be a resounding ‘YES”’.

You are invited to read more about all that in the attached Update, and read also that the fight for fairness is by no means over. Those under 55, Reversionary Pensioners, and both MSBS recipients and DVA Disability Pensioners are yet to be included in legislation that treats them fairly too. The support of all parties and each of the Independents is now sought so that the injustices they will still endure can be remedied as quickly as possible hereon after.


Among several other key issues upon which this Update makes comment is the extraordinary effort by a certain section of the media to discredit the conduct of those members of the Royal Australian Navy involved in border protection operations. Biased and inaccurate reporting replaced what should have been in play throughout the media, namely expressions of confidence and support for the dangerous work in which our ADF members are involved.

Comment on the Update and/or input to it would be most welcome.


Best Regards

Alf Jaugietis

Executive Director, Defence Force Welfare Association


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