ANZAC March Appeal

I called up Mr Dick Payne OAM, a delightful Digger over 90 years old, to ask his permission to publish his letter decrying the decision to stop our ANZAC Diggers marching past the Cenotaph in Sydney’s Martin Place forever.

Dick served in North Africa and then returned home to fight in New Guinea against the Japanese. This brave man traveled by barge between battles up the east coast of New Guinea, landing at various points to fight the Japanese. He saw many of his mates killed but he was lucky enough to survive.

Dick is the President of the 7th Australian Division AIF Association. He asks that all patriotic Aussies support their campaign to keep the annual ANZAC march where it has always been in honour of the thousands of brave men and women who died to preserve our freedom.


7th Australian Division AIF Association Message. Click on the image to view full size.



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