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Date: 18.2.16

Senator Lambie

Senator Lambie working to improve veterans’ lives

Halal certification money from Army – must not fund the 190 Australian terrorist supporters being watched by ASIO: Lambie

JLN Independent Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has called on the Liberal Government to give a guarantee that Halal certification money raised by the sale of food to our defence forces – has not found its way to the 190 Australian terrorist supporters who are being monitored and watched by ASIO.

“Last week in Senate Estimates committee hearings during the questioning of the chief of our spy agency – it was revealed that they were officially watching 190 Islamic Australians who were collaborators with our enemies in Islamic state.

The ASIO chief told me that the 190 traitors were “raising funds, recruiting, exhorting young people to join the cause and espousing the virtues of the ISIL message.” With yesterday’s stunning revelation that 1/3 of our Diggers’ combat rations are officially mandated Halal certified (while there’s only 100 Islamic ADF members) – it’s now time for the government and its spy agencies to answer this simple question:

Is Halal certification money raised in Australia (including money the government has paid for ADF food) finding its way to terrorists?

It’s bad enough that there are plenty of Australian Diggers who for their own religious reasons, don’t want to eat Halal food – but will be forced to, or go hungry.

But this she’ll be right attitude – which surrounds the monitoring of known Australian terrorist supporters – and the source of their funds – has got to stop. The last time ASIO monitored a known Islamic State terrorist supporter – we ended up with a Café siege in Sydney and the loss of 2 innocent lives.

If it’s good enough for the head of ASIO to reveal to parliament that they know 190 Australians are raising funds for the enemy – it’s good enough for the government to charge those traitors with Sedition or Treason – and if found guilty thrown in jail. All Australian terrorist funding networks – including any money they receive from Halal certification – must be uncovered and stopped.

This scandal surrounding the Halal certification of our Diggers’ combat rations – is an opportunity for all Government departments to drop their lax altitude to Islamic Traitors and Terrorist supporters – and stop this official policy of trying to appease the Islamic radicals and sharia law proponents who live in Australia.

Australian politicians should face reality. Nothing we do – apart from converting to Islam, following sharia law and eating Halal food – will give Islamic radicals and their supporters less reason to kill us, and our families.

Under Sharia Law, they want to establish by force, a worldwide caliphate. And then force all Australians to follow their brutal, backward culture and eat Halal certified food. With this shameful decision – the Australian Army top brass have just helped our enemy.

This will hurt our Diggers’ morale and put a smile on the face of the enemy!

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