Oct 01 2013

September 2013 motion rescinded

VVAA Sunshine Coast

General Meeting

21 September 2013

Notice of Motion


Moved Ron Strong

I move a motion to rescind the motion gt085/13 moved by me at the General Meeting or the 17 September 2013 “to form an Alaric subcommittee”.

Seconded Glen Preston


It was remiss of me not to realise that we already have an Alaric subcommittee in existence.

Motion to be tabled at October committee meeting

The terms of reference as prepared by president Kevin Leadbetter  to be approved by the VVAASC management committee be given to the existing alaric subcommittee in order to move forward the management of alaric.


The existing alaric subcommittee is passionate about the future of Alaric. Other members who have ideas should pass those ideas to the subcommittee to assist them in preparing recommendations to the VVAA sc management committee for consideration.

I apologise to the members for having caused the confusion on this issue. We need to work together for the future of the Alaric Veterans retreat.


Ron Strong
Senior Vice President
30 September 2013


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