Mike Holt

Served at Ubon, Thailand, 1967 with the RAAF as a telegraphist. Started working with computers with the RAAF, and continued throughout my working life. I am an experienced business application programmer, systems analyst, database designer, online communications specialist. Retired, but still keeping up-to-date with the latest technology.

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Dec 08 2017

Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising Ray-A-company

Bad moon rising – how Australians avoided a massacre at Nui Le by Greg Dodds In the battle of Nui Le the North Vietnamese 33rd Regiment came within a whisker of destroying an entire Australian infantry company. If they’d been successful it would have been the greatest loss for the Australian army since World War 2. …

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May 30 2016

ANZAC March Appeal


I called up Mr Dick Payne OAM, a delightful Digger over 90 years old, to ask his permission to publish his letter decrying the decision to stop our ANZAC Diggers marching past the Cenotaph in Sydney’s Martin Place forever. Dick served in North Africa and then returned home to fight in New Guinea against the …

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Oct 25 2013

WARNING! Pernicious Virus!

Pernicious encryption virus

DANGER! DANGER! DANGER! Beware of a new particularly pernicious virus: CryptoLocker   There is currently no antivirus software that can prevent a CryptoLocker infection, neither is there, there’s no clean-up tool as yet. Online attackers are using encryption to lock up our files and demand a ransom — and AV software probably won’t protect you. …

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Apr 05 2013

Bargara Vietnam Veteran awarded OAM

THIS is the story of a war veteran who led an heroic charge against a superior force in the infamous Battle of Long Tan and fought on with only a bayonet when his ammunition was spent. It’s also the story of a journalist who helped unearth vital information that forced a Royal Commission and led …

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Feb 20 2013

Health tip

Health drink

Heart attacks can be prevented. We all know that. But not many of us know about this useful tip. A mate of mine was scheduled to have a by-pass operation and a booking was made for a year after he was diagnosed (thanks to our wonderful government for such fast service). Then he heard about …

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Feb 20 2013

Trouble paying home loan?

Colin Wright's home in 1967

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PEOPLE PAYING OFF A HOUSE If you are buying a home and struggling to make payments copy/paste this information into Word and print it out. It may just save your life! As we all know, the banks will rip us off any way they can. So, if you have missed payments …

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Feb 18 2013

Susan Neuhaus

Retired army surgeon Susan Neuhaus

A RETIRED army surgeon has called on the government to fund all the medical costs of Diggers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq, regardless of whether their illnesses stemmed from their deployment. Colonel Susan Neuhaus, who served in Afghanistan, Bougainville and Cambodia, said yesterday the current system was creating “secondary trauma”. The general surgeon and surgical …

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Jan 04 2013

Agent Orange in Innisfail

Agent Orange report Innisfail

REG TOOK HIS OWN LIFE DUE TO HIS CANCERS RETURNING Mayor wants Agent Orange tests investigated — click on link to read more….This article says that deaths from cancer in Innisfail were 10 times the Queensland average. Queensland Health says that the rate of death from cancer in the Innisfail area is not significantly higher …

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Nov 08 2012

Long-term exposure to diesel

DEFENCE WHS FACT SHEET No 27 – October 2012 LONG-TERM EXPOSURE TO DIESEL EXHAUST EMISSIONS BACKGROUND On 12 June 2012, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), which is part of the World Health Organization (WHO), classified diesel engine exhaust as carcinogenic to humans (Group 1), based on sufficient evidence that exposure is associated …

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Sep 14 2012

Travel allowance

Victory for our serving Aussie troops!

  I recently signed a petition through Change.org to ask our politicians to reinstate the travel allowance for our troops to travel home once a year. Today, 14 September 2012, I received the following. Cheers, Mike Holt VVAASC member. Breaking news about the petition you signed on Change.org to reinstate the travel allowance for defence …

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